Steve Meline has over twenty years of exclusive California workers’ compensation  experience.  He started his law practice as an insurance defense attorney spending years  working directly in and for major workers' compensation insurance companies.   During  this time, he learned how insurance companies think, how they evaluate, and how they  defend workers' compensation claims.    For the last twelve years, he has represented injured workers' in workers' compensation  cases.  He only represents injured workers.  Further, he has prevailed against just about  any insurance company or major employer you could name.  Attorney Meline loves to  fight for injured workers, and to this end, he has devoted his entire law practice.  Mr. Meline's background and experience commands great respect from the defense,  from the adjustors and the defense attorneys on his cases because they know “he has  been there.”  Steve Meline understands and takes advantage of the weaknesses of, and  pressures faced by, his adversaries.


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Everyone hopes for a good settlement, and that is achieved in the vast majority of Mr. Meline’s cases. At the same time, Mr. Meline is a trial attorney. He is ready to go to court and trial anytime it will benefit his client. Many of his cases go to court because the insurance companies will attempt to ignore or under-pay any case they can. Mr. Meline's cases are not to be ignored. Every case is prepared for trial with the philosophy that if a case is ready to go to trial, it probably won’t have to, and a good settlement will then likely be acheived. The insurance industry’s consistent approach is to do and pay no more than what they have to. If their advantage is stripped away by a properly prepared case, they have nothing to gain, and a fair offer is frequently forthcoming. Where the insurance company is not willing to be fair, we will be ready for trial.

There are large practices where the attorney is not personally involved in the actual representation and development of the individual’s case, and the cases are often handled by non-attorney "hearing representatives." Mr. Meline, however, personally oversees and handles each and every case and does not delegate legal decisions or appearances to non-attorneys.

Mr. Meline effectively represents clients throughout four Southern California counties, including:

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County

Attorney Fees

When you are represented by Mr. Meline, you will never pay him any money, and you will never owe him any money. His fee in any workers' compensation injury case will never be more than 15% of the value of the case at the time of settlement, even if the case goes to trial.




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